How to Implement Advice Given in BJJ Articles

How to Implement Advice Given in BJJ Articles

If you are BJJ practitioner who is active on social media chances of you hitting some article regarding tips which will help you to improve your BJJ game are huge. From time to time you see different headlines and you read those articles with catchy titles or those which you think that can help you.

You read these items with a sense of enthusiasm, find out something which you can implement to your game, but in most cases story ends there. You go to your training and make same kind of mistakes; you forget that you actually had a key for your problem just two days ago, when you read that article.

Now this one said there is one really important thing to know: these kinds of articles are not recipes and they are not instant solutions! You can’t expect to read something and think that things will change, that kind of false promises are already enough around us.

Anywhere you look you can see different ads that promise some instant solutions, but you have to know that you choose to train something real and hard: Brazilian jiu – jitsu! Whatever happens in this fast and burning modern society, it can’t change the fact that for mastering something like BJJ time and practice are needed.

If you truly know this then you know what to do with a valuable advice, but just in case you forgot or you need reminding here are some guidelines how to really implement advices given in BJJ articles:

– Always trust yourself, don’t try to apply all advices that you read or hear only because you heard it from the higher belt. Implement only those advices that make sense to you.

– When you read the advice that you like write it down on some visible place or you can write it down to your phone. Also, you can bookmark the whole article and put it in your folder for this kind of stuff. This way you will make a reminder for yourself.

– You should try to carry out the advice first next training or if advice is off training related than do it as soon as possible. Sometimes advice can look like it suites you while reading, but you have to test it; the earlier the better.

– If it benifits you continue to do it. We are beings of habit and if you don’t do it enough number of times you won’t be able to enforce it.

– Don’t be hesitant to make changes to the advice. It is good that you adjust it to yourself or you can even upgrade it!

BJJ in a way is a reality check, things you learn to apply to this martial art you can transmit to the other areas of life. But if you try to transfer some new and harmful trends of modern society to the art, like mindset of instant solutions, BJJ will show you that kind of functioning is not applicable in our great martial art.

This article was more about reminding you to do things right than it was about implementing advices, so keep this in mind next time you want to find some quick fix for your problem.