The Impassable Guard – White Belt Granby Roll

The Granby roll is a wrestling reversal named for Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia, where it was popularized by teacher and hall of fame wrestling coach Billy Martin.

A Granby roll is performed from an inferior position, usually when the top wrestler has a hold upon the lower wrestler’s waist from the side or when moving to “take the back.” The bottom wrestler rises slightly and cross steps under his own body, using it to post as they kick high with the other leg and perform a shoulder roll to the inside shoulder, either achieving an escape or an arm lock on the other wrestler.

Wrestling: Granby Roll with Ricky Lundell

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In BJJ and MMA it is used to recompose guard when someone is trying to pass your guard, or attacking your turtle.

If you struggle to retain your open guard then this simple granby roll technique demonstrated by David Morcegao will help: