If You Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, You Should Get Regular Massages

If You Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, You Should Get Regular Massages

If you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you’re more than very well acquainted with the after-training soreness. But, this soreness isn’t exactly the same one you’d experience after a hard gym session… No. A lot of times, it’s much less enjoyable than that one; with the nagging feeling of stiffness the morning after training, as well as for quite a bit longer into the day – and days afterwards.
You need to do something about this, that’s a fact. And if you aren’t already stretching after training (and even during the „regular“ day), you need to start doing so; this will be of great help. However, the next best thing that you can do is to get a massage.

Here are three reasons why you, as a Jiu Jitsu athlete, need to get a massage regularly.



When you train BJJ – or do any sort of a physical activity for that matter – your muscles go through a great deal of stress. Stress, which sort of damages them. So, if you want them to work at an optimal level the next time you train, then you need to help them in the repairment process (which will make you even better than you were, because a repaired muscle is a stronger muscle).

And, well, the best way to aid this process is though increasing the blood flow of the muscles under impact. Massage does this wonderfully, as it increases circulation and, thus, literally moves more blood through the muscles.
In other words – massage will help you recover faster! And bear in mind that this isn’t limited only to after-training recovery. Massage also plays a tremendous role in injury recovery through the increased blood flow benefit; simply said, more blood supplied to the injured body area will equal much faster rehab.



Hand in hand with the increased blood flow, one of the massage’s most amazing benefits – and perhaps the first that comes to mind when massage is talked about – is that it reduces pain. Essentially, as it increases blood flow and as it lessens muscle tightness, it lowers inflammation and helps you get rid of that acute and chronic pain you may be experiencing.

This is especially important if the pain you’ve been experiencing is chronic; if it’s taken ahold of you for a longer time. You don’t want to live with it forever, don’t you? So go get a massage or two; trust us, you’ll be amazed by the feeling of liberation afterwards.



Not everything you do has to have some sort of a practical utility to it – you can do things just because they feel good! And massage is certainly one of those things.

When you’re getting a massage, the endorphins – your body’s neurotransmitters and natural pain relievers – release much more freely. This surge of endorphins, therefore, improves your mood and lowers the feelings of anxiety you’re carrying from the day-to-day life; and reduces the pain you’re feeling at the same time.
That is to say, massage makes you feel more relaxed. In return, it also improves your sleep. Doesn’t get any better than that, doesn’t it?



With all of the benefits mentioned above, it’s obvious that every Jiujiteiro needs to get a massage. But if it doesn’t fit into your budget, don’t fret; you can still get a lot of advantages of a massage by self-massaging through the use of a foam roller, tennis balls and similar.
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