How To Use The Most Frustrating Grip in Jiu-Jitsu To Your Advantage

How To Use The Most Frustrating Grip in Jiu-Jitsu To Your Advantage

There’s no doubt about it, a vice-like grip for BJJ is definitely an advantage and a game changer.

It helps you control your opponent, and it gives you many opportunities for transitions as well, by ensuring that you are in a stable position.

One of the most effective grips for guard players is when you use your opponent’s lapel and wrap it around the back.

From there you have multiple options. There is a cross collar choke, a darce choke when they defend, various sweeps, triangles etc….

If you happen to be stuck in someone’s guard using this grip, then it is terrible for you! Some competitors have made a game and game plan of sucking their opponent into their closed guard, using this lapel game and attempt the submissions, get advantages and win by a single advantage. It works…

Once this grip is set in, it truly becomes very hard to deal with and break. It takes some practice of setting up the grip but after that it’s fairly simple to get submissions.

Chad Hardy shows some great options from here:

Use your guard skills to attack and catch your opponent on the blind side.

  • World black belt absolute champion Xande Ribeiro shows you the closed guard system that made his guard one of the best
  • The side closed guard is a closed guard variation that gives you a dominant angle to attack from off your back.


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