How To Use Success In BJJ To Further Your Success In Life

How To Use Success In BJJ To Further Your Success In Life

Photo: Rehan Muttalib, BJJ black belt & medical doctor.

How To Use Success In BJJ To Further Your Success In LifeBrazilian Jiu Jitsu and life that you live outside of the mats are very closely interlinked! What you do in one sphere will heavily influence the other; all the way from the most simple of examples, such as if you’re getting enough sleep during the night or partying instead, which influences your recovery. Or, whether you’ve had a good training session, which then influences how good-natured you’ll be at your job.

However, there’s a much deeper connection between the two than these ones. Namely, it’s the one of success; if you’re successful in BJJ, that means that you’re more likely to be successful in life – and vice versa. Here’s how the two are intertwined, and how you can use one to further another.



You’ve probably heard of the saying: „Half of success is just showing up.“ And, well, it couldn’t be more true than that. Because, if you don’t at least show up… Then how are you supposed to win?

So many Jiujiteiros come to training when it „best suits their schedule“ or when they „have energy and time“. But if this is the sort of a mentality that you’re carrying to the mats, then the chances of you behaving in the same way in other spheres of life are pretty high.
Why so? It’s because what you do is who you become. Every action, no matter how small or big, breeds and reinforces a habit that permeates other areas of your life. And so, if you’re not regular at training, you won’t be regular in other things which require regularity in and of themselves.

Your job and career require you to always be present, not to call in sick whenever you feel as if you’ve „earned it“. Your family – your parents, siblings, significant other and kids – need you to always be there for them, so that they feel loved, protected and respected.
So start showing up each and every time you have training; no matter how you feel and whether or not you think you have time. This way, you’ll become more responsible and more regular all around.



Of course, it’s not enough to just come to your job, do what you’re supposed to do and go home – hoping that you’ll get a promotion. Just sitting in the same room where your kids are, and replying to their questions half-assedly as you’re watching „X Files“ on the TV, won’t leave them feeling loved and appreciated.

If you want to be successful, you should always aim to be the best in the things you’re after. Don’t just drill the technique; think why you’re drilling it and how you can improve your next rep. Stop rolling light just because you’re tired; turn it up a notch, until you’re gasping for air.
See how you can do the task at hand more quickly and if you can get additional obligations. Don’t just answer – but ask your kids questions as well.



Finally, if you want to be the best that you can, you need someone you’ll look up to. It can be a very successful business person, your own or someone else’s parents, or a multiple time world BJJ champion.
Whoever you choose, what matters is that you learn to figure out what it is that made them so successful… And then try to emulate them; do what they’ve done, change what you notice to be necessary – so that you’ll become much more successful in a much shorter time span.