How To Not Rupture Your LCL Like Gordon Ryan While Entering Saddle

How To Not Rupture Your LCL Like Gordon Ryan While Entering Saddle

We reported yesterday Gordon Ryan injured his knee seriously while in Kasai match with Joao Gabriel Rocha over the weekend.

The injury in question is an LCL rupture. According to a physio website:

The LCL is one of the most important ligaments of the knee, giving it stability. The LCL achieves this role by preventing excessive twisting, and side to side movements of the knee (varus forces – figure 2). When these movements are excessive and beyond what the ligament can withstand, tearing to the LCL occurs. This condition is known as a LCL tear.

This is a topic Craig Jones teammate Lachlan Giles found handy to cover- one handy note about the grappling ace is that he actually has a phd in knee injuries. Literally:

Most of you know me through jiu jitsu so I should preface this by saying that I am a physiotherapist, and have a PhD, which was focused around knee injuries.

People who are into leglocks, please stop trying to enter into the saddle from positions like this, there are other ways to get there! There is a high likelihood that you rupture your LCL, an injury that if severe enough can lead to surgery and 6-12 months recovery.

Gordon has used this for a while and it has been successful, but now that he has injured it his ligament will be considerably weaker for life. I would expect that trying the same thing against opponents his weight now will be enough for re-injury.




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