How To Make A Better Triangle – Edwin Najmi

How To Make A Better Triangle – Edwin Najmi

The triangle choke from guard is one of the first submissions that you will typically learn in BJJ. It is highly effective and will work at all levels.

There are so many ways to set up a triangle choke. To catch a technically superior opponent, you will need to have a very tricky and sneaky set up that will catch them off guard.

The triangle choke is one of the most common and also one of the highest percentage submissions in Grappling.
When executed perfectly, it is a powerful weapon which is very hard to escape.

There are so many micro adjustments that make it so much more effective. This is what some grapplers such as Rickson Gracie call “Invisible” details.

BJJ black belt world champion Edwin Najmi shows two important and often overlooked adjustments that will make a world of difference in the control and viciousness of your triangle choke:

1. breaking the posture
2. Knee pinch.

Edwin Najmi teaches how he does all types of triangles from everywhere. We can easily say that Edwin Najmi has the best flying triangle in the World, as he has used it to win the worlds as purple belt and as brown belt.

Learn all of Edwin Najmi’s triangle set ups:


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