How To Drill The Seio Nage Throw So It Works for You

How To Drill The Seio Nage Throw So It Works for You

Ilias Illiadis, a Judo World and Olympic medalist, is one of the history’s greatest judokas. In this video, he points out a few interesting details so as to how to properly drill your Seio Nage and Uchi Komi throws.

Pay Attention to The Grips

The biggest takeaway from instructor Illiadis’s pointers is the way you and your training partner place your grips when drilling the technique. He shows that you need to start by gripping your partner’s collar in a standard same-sided grip with your hand. However, here’s the crucial detail: instructor Illiadis emphasizes that the drill should not be done with the training partner gripping your collar above your own gripping arm. Instead, you should get him to place this grip on the outside of your shoulder.

This is necessary, coach Illiadis explains, because there needs to be freedom of movement of your gripping arm to do the technique properly; so that your elbow can go up more easily during the movement.

Lift The Elbow Up and Drill With Intention

Therefore, pay equal attention to another key element – to how coach Illiadis lifts his partner’s elbow up high when drilling the movement; this is another important aspect for performing the technique properly.
Observe also how he, as he drills, intentionally lifts his knee up high before stepping with that same leg deep behind his training partner’s leg. As he does this, he shifts his hips into the same direction that his training partner is facing, dropping them and lowering the knee down; all the while pulling the gripped collar strongly over his shoulder.

By drilling your Seio Nage and Uchi Komi techniques with intention and with attention to the above mentioned details, you will see how well these throws translate into success on the mats. You need to be doing them correctly in competition, so it is important that you pay attention to drilling them properly in training.

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