How To Control & Tame a Spazzy Training Partner

How To Control & Tame a Spazzy Training Partner

You know him.

Jumping around even if it doesn’t quite make sense to do so.

Accidentally punching you in the face from time to time.

Rolling as if it’s a matter of life and death.

He’s not a bad guy for sure.

He might be actually pretty decent as a blue belt.

But he just can’t help it.

His spaz nature is real.

If you’re a white or blue belt, and have ever wondered what to do with your ultra aggressive blue belt training partner, this article is for you.

(I assume purple, brown, and black belts have figured it out and have your own preferred way to deal with such ultra aggressive blue belts.)

My advice to you is very, very simple: Stay safe, slow him down, and use sparring with him as an opportunity to practice specific techniques/positions.

Chad “The Beast” Hardy offers some great advice in this video:

Here is a few ways I roll with a spaz. First I tell them “hey man calm down a bit” if they don’t I smash them than tell them again. If they continue I smash them harder. If this still continues and you have talked to them twice I just won’t roll with that person anymore. It’s not being scared it’s being smart.

For the most part someone new may not even know they are going crazy. So it’s important to let them know before dragging their skull across the mat


Using the low mount to control a spazzy white belt:

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