How To Be More Aggressive At The Start of a BJJ Match?

How To Be More Aggressive At The Start of a BJJ Match?

Do you start rolls at a slow pace? As in, you slap and bump with your training partner, and then you start out by rolling really slowly… Only to be down on points (or submissions) really quickly?
This sort of a problem can translate into competitions as well. By not being aggressive immediately from the get-go, you put yourself into a position of losing the match altogether – regardless of how aggressive you become later on.

How are you supposed to solve this issue? Nick “Chewy” Albin shares his advice.



The reason you aren’t as aggressive as you could be could possibly be narrowed down to one thing in particualr… And that’s hesitation.
You’re doubting whether or not what you want to go for is the right choice and you’re worried that you’ll fail in executing it properly. You freeze up in a way. And that needs to change.

The way to change it, Chewy explains, is through repetition. That is, you have to figure out your opening sequence; a sequence of moves that you’ll go for immediately.
When you figure what this sequence will be, then you need to drill it mercilessly. Especially as the time of competition comes.

The end goal is to have this sequence so drilled in, that it’ll be something that you’ll do automatically when the match starts.
Chewy explains in more detail on the video below: