How To Attract New Members Into Your BJJ Gym?

How To Attract New Members Into Your BJJ Gym?

If you’re a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy owner, then you’re well-aware of the stress that acquiring new members can bring. For, if you aren’t successful in getting new people to train in your BJJ gym, then how are you supposed to expand your business? Furthermore, how are you supposed to stay in business at all?
Keenan Cornelius decided to share his most valuable piece of advice for acquiring new members.



Keenan emphasizes that your focus needs to be on having the best product. For, sure, it’s a competitive business and people will be looking for ways to use different marketing strategies and tactics to get the word out there (as you should for your business, too)… But when it comes down to what wins in the long run – it’s the value you provide.

As an example of what you shouldn’t do, Keenan mentions the “tactic” of dropping your prices. That is, underpricing the competitors in your area – and, unfortunately, it’s an approach used by a lot of BJJ gyms.
What will happen in this case is one of two things. Your competitors will drop their price as well – or they’ll simply provide a better service than you do, for a higher price. Either way, you’ll end up with little capital and probably won’t be able to survive, let alone expand.

Sure, it’s good to be cost-competitive. But if you provide the best value, then you’re going to gain the most amount of capital over time. So, out of all the income you gain, always reinvest some of it into your business.
Invest it into clean showers, clean bathrooms, nice merchandise… As well as, of course, into more classes, classes at more convenient times, and into having more instructors in your classes.

By having this mindset, you might lose some battles. But you’ll win the war.
Keenan Cornelius explains more about attracting new members into your BJJ academy on the video below: