How Murilo Santana Puts Insane Pressure with his Over Under Pass

How Murilo Santana Puts Insane Pressure with his Over Under Pass

The over under pressure is one of the hardest guard passes to deal with. If your opponent knows what they are doing, it is a real nightmare…

Anybody who watches the IBJFF black belt divisions knows Bernardo Faria and more the understated Murilo Santana.

People know Murilo Santana’s awesome, pressure style of passing that he uses to dominate his opponents. His signature pass is the over-under pass. He uses it to pass even the toughest of guards.

The over under is a high percentage guard pass it does have weaknesses. One of the most common way of countering is the head push. When you redirect the opponent’s head, you can completely unravel the pass, and you put the passer in a different passing lane, which gives you the opportunity to escape your hips and recompose. The head push is probably the most common way to defend the pass, but it is itself easy to counter…

In this great video, we breaks down all you need to know about Murilo’s over-under guard passing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

00:59 Making the Combat Base – 02:29 Over Under Entry – 04:55 A Unique Approach – 06:33 Windshield Wiper – 07:13 Leg Drag/Smash Pass Approach – 08:05 Whole Sequence.

Here you can see Murilo in action and how much pressure he puts on his opponnent:

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