How Much Does Strength Really Affect Your Jiu-Jitsu Performance?

How Much Does Strength Really Affect Your Jiu-Jitsu Performance?

If Jiu Jitsu was a test of strength, we could just have a set of weights at the door – and a contest as you come in to see who is strongest, and then go home having never touched the mats. Now wouldn’t that be silly?

You know how new White belts rely on strength and physicality? And upper belts tell them they should use less strength and more technique, right? But wait… some upper belts come across as using strength at times don’t they? Have you ever noticed how a 165 pound black belt can feel like he weighs over 200 pounds? The experienced guys can focus their strength in ways that perhaps make you think they are much stronger than you or that they are using strength but that may or may not be true.

Andre Galvao recently did a seminar in the United Kingdom and rolled with everybody present in a playful way. At the end of the seminar, he commented:


“There are two types of jiu-jitsu, one with much movement, when you move around, your cardio is what works more, as right now, I feel my heart beating strong, but I don’t feel my muscles working hard. Then there is the jiu-jitsu that is using more muscles (strength) and less cardio. It is with that game that you focus more on strength and control. The ideal is to have both.

I used to compete when I was younger, as a featherweight and was moving all over.I started developing my body and using more strength but also I always moved around. The jiujitsu that I developed is about movement. For me I like dancing and I like to move in my jiujitsu.
I believe in all kinds of jiujitsu, the part of self-defense, the part nogi. These are the beauties of jiujitsu.”

How To Perfectly Combine Strength & Technique in Jiu-Jitsu


This week we discuss how much of a factor strength plays in jiu-jitsu. Filmed at Mindset Martial Arts in Hayward, California:


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