How Elite Grapplers Cross-Train in Other Grappling Sports (BJJ-Judo-Wrestling-Sambo)

How Elite Grapplers Cross-Train in Other Grappling Sports (BJJ-Judo-Wrestling-Sambo)

“BJJ Players Will Never Reach Their Full Potential Unless They Cross Train In Other Grappling Arts.”
John Danaher

Grappling is big family which includes Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, BJJ, Catch Wrestling, Luta Livre and many more Grappling arts. There are so many benefits to cross training in other Grappling arts:

1) Different emphasis

2) Different dynamics

3) Different techniques

4) Humbleness

These elite grapplers know the importance of training with grapplers from other styles. Check out some of their best training sessions:

Xande Ribeiro (multiple BJJ world champion) and Tokuzo Takahashi (Judo All Japan Team) in a Judo Randori:

Bernardo Faria (BJJ) and Josh Koscheck (Wrestling & MMA) in submission Wrestling.

Marcelo Garcia (BJJ) and Johny Hendricks (Wrestling) in a Takedown sparring.

Ronda Rousey (Judo Olympian) and BJJ Penn (BJJ world champion) in a BJJ roll.

Ronda Rousey (Judo olympian) and Nick Diaz (BJJ) in a submission wrestling roll.

Marcelo Garcia (BJJ GOAT) and Jimmy Pedro (Judo world champion)

Marcelo Garcia (BJJ) and Ruslan Khaskhanov (Combat Sambo world champion)

Ben Askren (Wrestling Olympian) and Jake Shields (Wrestling and BJJ) in submission Wrestling.

Tiago Camilo (Judo world champion) and Demian Maia (ADCC Champion) in submission Wrestling.

Rickson Gracie (BJJ legend) and Hayward Nishioka (US Judo Champion)

Khabib Nurmagomedov (Combat Sambo World Champion) and Luke Rockhold (BJJ) in submission Wrestling

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