How CBD Saved The Life Of Hyperfly CEO Pascal Pakter

How CBD Saved The Life Of Hyperfly CEO Pascal Pakter



It’s no secret that cannabis has quite a few fans in the grappling camp. A lifetime of aches and pains coupled with a rewarding journey often produces a variety of debilitating injuries. Often those injuries impact the life on daily basis. This is why CBD is such an important aspect of it.

Hyperfly founder, Pascal Pakter is quite open about it:

“I use CBD. And CBD has saved my life.”

Pascal had the misfortune of injuring two vertebrae in training. The injury required a surgery and left him stranded in the world of chronic pain.In addition to this Pascal Pakter also got an opioid prescription.

Hyperfly was founded on the idea to commit itself to the Athlete and provide him (or her) with the highest quality gear to serve their needs. Do or Die is a universal principle, it translates into every practice. They support and sponsor number of athletes including the likes of the great Keenan Cornelius, Lucas Rocha and Josh Hinger among others.


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Faced with pain that wouldn’t subside he overindulged in pain medication. But he managed to kick opioids and got a medicinal marijuana card at the advice of his sensei.

“It saved my life, every cloud has a silver lining and it just kind of clicked and hit me, hyperfly labs. Design, create and manufacture products which are high in CBD because I know this stuff works and who better to represent this then somebody who really lives with it and has a 7-inch scar in the back of his neck to prove it. ”

Pascal Pakter adds: “You have one life to live and I choose to be somebody who can lead and get rid of that stigma. It’s really just about healing although I’m on the sidelines my spirit is on those mats and it’s going to stay there. “

In a single day he was able to cut back on prescription meds by a significant amount. You can check out the amazing inspirational interview with Hyperfly founder and CEO Mr. Pakter by pressing play below.