“Hit ‘Em With Your Hips” – Craig Jones’ Profound Takedown Defense Advice

“Hit ‘Em With Your Hips” – Craig Jones’ Profound Takedown Defense Advice

When your training partners shoot for a takedown and you sprawl up on them… Do they often continue driving into you and eventually gain an underhook?

Pulling guard in the BJJ world is often ridiculed by Judoka and Wrestlers who see it as a cowardly way to face someone. Nowadays with the rules of sport BJJ, you can win matches with very little knowledge in the takedown. How can you neutralize someone with 20+ years of wrestling or Judo? Just pull guard… Think about it…

ADCC silver medalist Craig Jones recently made a bold claim:

“I will never pull guard. Win or lose, even if I get slammed into the ground, I will never pull guard again.

Mikey Musumeci who was surprised with Jones’ claim, asked him:

“Even in ADCC, against a top wrestler??”

“Yes. My hope is that they get tired taking me down and that’s when I strike.” answered Jones.

It must be said, that Jones has solid wrestling however not at the level of the best wrestler in the grappling world but he has so many ways of defeating them on the ground.

If that’s the case, then you need to listen to Craig Jones‘ advice: hit ’em with your hips.

No, seriously. Here’s why:

Use front headlocks and counter wrestling systems to shut down wrestlers and secure dominant positions and submissions with Craig Jones.

  • Craig Jones is one of the best grapplers on Earth, with dominant victories against elite competition using these same tactics and techniques.
  • Kill the wrestling game with these lessons on how to exploit weaknesses in takedown positions and get the advantage for submissions like the anaconda, peruvian neckie, darce, and more!