Hinger: The Last Thing We Need Are Nice People Acting Like Sh*theads.

Hinger: The Last Thing We Need Are Nice People Acting Like Sh*theads.

Josh Hinger has long struggled to distinguish himself in a sea of ATOS black belts with a stellar competitive background. This in turn produced a lot of controversial opinions from Hinger over the years including

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So of course he’s back with a brand new controversy:
“There’s too many sh*theads in the world — the last thing we need are nice people acting like sh*theads. I get paid just fine. I’ve been making a living off jiu-jitsu for four years. I’ve made more money every consecutive year. I don’t need to be an as*hole to sell matches. My jiu-jitsu is good. I have 100 wins, 70 of them are submissions. I don’t need to be a dickhead. I would rather be a motivational person than be a dickhead just to get paid, to get a $10,000-match. I understand why they do it, I just don’t agree with it. It’s not my style.” Hinger told jiu jitsu times

But while there’s certainly something worthy in wishing to be a stellar example there’s also a question of how much more money there is for someone who is willing to promote their matches left and right.

Of course this is likely aimed at Gordon Ryan who has been the most successful in capitalizing an outlandish social media personality into match leverage. When we add on his challenge to the aging ATOS helm Andre Galvao it all adds up.


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Ok @galvaobjj. I understand it is your belief that beating me wont add to your legacy. I strongly disagree but that is just my opinion. I also understand you dont need the money to fight me because you’re a “millionaire” so the money does not matter to you. So since the money doesnt matter to you here is my proposal. We have a match and we charge viewers for a PPV. ALL of the money will be donated to a charity of your choosing or better yet maybe to helping build a school or children’s hospital in São Sebastião, your hometown. Think about all the people we could entertain, but more importantly the people we could help. This match should happen for this greater cause. Help me help children less fortunate. You’re a man of god… what would jesus do ?

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