Hero: Werdum Helps Save Drowning Teen At The Beach

Hero: Werdum Helps Save Drowning Teen At The Beach

Fabricio Werdum might be on the outs with UFC for his doping sins but he’s a hero to many. In the hours of Sunday Werdum played a part in saving two teens on a beach near his California home.

oday our champion @werdum, risked his own life to help save two teens drowning on a beach in California, attitudes like these show and teaches us what it’s really like to be a real champion, Werdum congratulations on his initiative. #everydayto maximum. #hero

The incident was first reported by Ag Fight.

“We had been on the beach for almost an hour. When we saw the fireman’s car, the car stopped in front of us. I said I was going to help and Karine (wife) was in doubt, because it was dangerous, but when I looked, they had two little heads in the sea shouting ‘help’. They were very far, about 70 meters in. When the lifeguard picked up the board alone, I took off my coat and ran off, “he recounted.

After a brief conversation with the local security official, Werdum took a float and set off for the sea, where he rescued the drowning boy, while the young woman was taken off by the lifeboat. After the moment of heroism, the heavyweight was still recognized by some bathers and received several compliments and greetings from those present.

“I took the orange buoy, I crossed it in the chest and I arrived with him, a little ahead still. I told him to get the girl, who was screaming a lot, and I got the boy, who was soft already. I was able to catch him and we went towards (the beach). Then, on the border, a gentleman helped me. (…) The waves were large, the gui sank some three times. Wow, the heart was the million, it’s an extreme situation, the heart goes to a million. It’s worse than fighting. It does not even come close, “concluded the fighter.

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