Here’s an Easy Low Risk Takedown for BJJ Guard Players Terrible At Takedowns

Here’s an Easy Low Risk Takedown for BJJ Guard Players Terrible At Takedowns

If you have no knowledge of takedowns, which is a nice way of saying that you suck takedowns, you may want to look at this option.

You can try out this variation of a tomoe nage sacrifice throw where we use elements of the de la riva guard for a low risk and easy to implement takedown.

In the world of BJJ there is the constant argument of guard pulling vs take downs. Let’s discuss something more specific, guard pulling vs sacrifice throws since there is a similarity between the two.

A standard guard pull is done by obtaining a grip and sitting to the ground to immediately establish a competitor’s strongest position. This type of guard pulling is illegal in most other sports such as Judo and Sambo.

Now on the other side we have the Yoko Tomoe Nage. This is known as a sacrifice throw Judo because a person is using their own falling body to perform a throw.

Why is the sacrifice throw and variations of it underutilized in BJJ and guard pulling has become more universal?

Some would argue against this because there is greater risk in pulling a sacrifice throw, such as having it misdirected and having your guard passed immediately. Others argue that this would make guard pulling much more entertaining and can lead directly into submissions off the bat.

In this video, BJJ black belt and No Gi world champion Giancarlo Bodoni who is an instructor at Bernardo Faria’s academy in Massachusetts explains the basic principles of a great low risk takedown for guard pullers.

Letʼs watch the video, and then weʼll dissect each element of the move:

Let’s face it—BJJ players suck at takedowns. With our help, you will take them down faster, push the pace easier, and SCORE more!

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