Here are “Secrets” To Improving Your Leglock Game In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Here are “Secrets” To Improving Your Leglock Game In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

With the boom of the Leglock game in the recent years, almost every Jiujiteiro wants to get better at it. However, with so much information out there, it can be rather difficult to figure out how to actually improve in getting those Straight Ankle Locks, Heelhooks, Kneebars, and Toe Holds.
Therefore, here’s a list of „secrets“ to improving your Leglock game. Use any one of these tips, and you’ll progress immensely; or use all of them, and you’ll become a Leglock expert.



You don’t have to necessarily drill more submissions to get better at them. Instead, you can aim to get really proficient in escapes as well; which will, in turn, make you better at tapping people out!

In other words: learn how to defend against Leglocks and escape them. Understand and practice clearing the all-important knee line, how to roll, how to hide and slip your heel… All of this will teach you how the Leglock mechanisms really work, and how you can use them both for your safety and for the danger of your opponents.
Additionally, learning proper defense/offense mechanics will help you as you climb through the ranks of BJJ; in which a large part of Leglock success becomes whether you’ll outsmart and outpace your opponent in the numerous both-sided leg entanglements.

Also, learning how to defend will get rid of your Leglock fear – making you more confident in engaging your opponents with these techniques.



Developing a solid understanding of leg entanglement positions is vital to your Leglock success. For, it’s only if you understand the positions available, will you be able to get into them and take advantage of them.
The Ashi Garami variations, the Inside Sakaku, the 50-50… Familiarize yourself with every major position, and then start drilling entries and develop control over them. Without control (remember that knee line), you’re not going to get taps.



If you’re just starting out on your Leglock journey, it’s wise to first focus on getting good at Straight Ankle Locks. Why? Because learning how to get to this position and execute it will teach you a lot about proper entries, control, transitions, and finishes for other Leglocks as well!
Begin with getting proficient at the Straight Ankle Lock in order to develop a fantastic base for the entirety of your Leglock game.



You have to learn how to transition from one Leglock position and submission to another; when your opponent defends one technique, an opportunity for another one often appears. Therefore, you should drill transitions as often as possible… If you want to get extremely good at Leglocks, that is.
The same is true for learning how to threaten with other submissions, as well as guard passes. Make your opponent defend against something else first, before you go for Leglocks – and you’ll become much more lethal at them.



As with all other techniques, you’ve got to invest the time and the focus into learning how to Leglock. For example, make it a goal for yourself to hit an X number of Leglock finishes each training session; this will keep you focused and accountable to your improvement rates.



And lastly, you are going to fare well with getting a good Leglock instructional; one that will teach you not just the various submissions, but the positional hierarchy and the details in how to get them.
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