Henry Cejudo Showed Jon Jones The Exact Same Technique That He Used To Finish Ciryl Gane

Henry Cejudo Showed Jon Jones The Exact Same Technique That He Used To Finish Ciryl Gane

Jon Jones had a spectacular UFC 285 performance, winning the heavyweight title match against Ciryl Gane with a quick Guillotine Choke.

But did you know that Henry Cejudo coached Jones the same exact setup that he used to finish Gane – during the very last practice before the fight?

Yup, that’s right. Listen to Cejudo’s words of advice:

Let’s say you have Gane here, switch position into something bigger. Know when you have a position locked, because the last thing you want to do Jon, is blow the wads in your hands and in your wrists.
You might be in this position, don’t fight it too much, especially if you know he’s gonna get out…

If you’re able to hold him here, you’re good here. Elbows, keep his head inside… Just try not to make that mistake of being in a position too long. You have to make that rational decision to transition.

Transition when you have to transition. Don’t over-be in a position. Keep it moving, because the reactions are going to get him fatigued.

And that’s exactly what Jones did. Watch the breakdown itself on the video below:

What do you think? Did Henry Cejudo play a vital role in Jones’ win with this technique demonstration and advice?

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