He Became a Sambo World Champion By Following These 5 Principles

He Became a Sambo World Champion By Following These 5 Principles

Guest post by Ivan Vasylchuk, a world champion in Sambo from Ukraine. He is a Master of Sports, and Sambo World Champion, and gold medalist at the SportAccord World Combat Games.

How to become world champion? Once you have a goal set you often ask yourself how to reach it. My answer is to develop inner strength, that’s the only way to achieve your goal. I always had one main question “how to become Sambo champion?” And I spent years looking for the answer. I can boldly say with 100% certainty one must be thirsty for success, self developing inner strength. To get closer to your goal one needs constant motivation.

Today I’ll I’ll share five principles that help me to get maximum results and become the best.
When a person starts doing sports, sooner or later he or she understands that they’ll become stronger more technical than others. That’s why athletes are way more confident than other people.

When you go to tournament, and you are not confident, you will look intimidated. Your confidence disappears but of course everybody is like you there. why does only one win? I’ll tell you a secret how to become world champion or
how to become stronger among the strongest.

If you lose and you get angry or upset and you don’t understand what you did wrong. You train six days, seven days, six hours a day and you become stronger and more explosive, more durable and sometimes you work more than the champion but champion is first and you lost so you ask yourself a question: why do I do XYZ sport for example or why do I do Sambo?

There are many options: I want to be strong and be able to defend myself. A second option is I love adrenaline, I love to travel and compete in different countries and get to know the world. Also girls love athletes and I want to be strong enough and fit, and possibly you say, I want to be a world champion… Well then second question is what kind of champion do you want to be? I want to be a world champion. All right third question is then what do you do for that? I train twice a day seven times a week. A lot of people do that. I diet correctly, I rest correctly. Your opponents do the same thing. I believe in it every day I tell myself I’ll be world champion.

So today I’ll share five principles that helped me to obtain maximum results and become the best.

First, visualize who you want to become and do it in real time. Tell yourself: “I’m a world champion!” Do different scenarios, do a mental video of how you become a champion and the path you took and in the moments when it’s hard when there is no more strength left, you play this video in your head and overcome difficulties and be successful. This video should be in your head every day.

Second, weak people will get tired so your desire needs to keep burning. Supplement with motivation books, videos , listen to people, find a mentor and in difficult moments when you lost and when something is going wrong, that should be inspiring you.

Thirdly, whatever you learn, implement it! Be open to new stuff and try it every day. Wake up with a thought that today you’ll be better than yesterday.

Four, look for your own formula. Everybody has a different formula for success. Trust your intuition and feelings. All your decisions are correct if you believe in it and if you don’t believe in it who will then?

Also there’s no need to cry over spilled milk if it spilled there is no need to put it back in a bottle… Just let it go. Don’t waste your energy. For me, the most important in life and training is to be positive, love what you’re doing and another advice is to dispose of people that don’t believe in you people that drag you down get rid of them asap!

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