Have You Tried This Sneaky Armbar From Spider Guard?

Have You Tried This Sneaky Armbar From Spider Guard?

Brazilian jiu jitsu has a variety of guards but one every beginner has heard of is open guard. Open guard is perhaps not the easiest to come into as a beginner as it doesn’t dictate certified points of contact by default. Still there are some concepts and ideas that could help shape your game on a whole new level.

Three points of contact is the minimum you want.

Sleeve + Ankle + Foot on hip = 3 points.
Two sleeves + Foot on hip = 3 points.
Sleeve + Collar + DLR hook = 3 points.
That’s the idea. Get and maintain those points of contact. If one gets removed look to establish a new one so that you always have 3.

The Spider Guard is a wonderful guard to learn and use in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… If nothing else, then because of the control it provides and the plethora of submissions you can hit from it!

For example, you can hit this really sneaky Armbar setup. Try it out!
Viktor Doria demonstrates it below:

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