Why Being Happy is the Best Mood For Training

Why Being Happy is the Best Mood For Training

Every time when we go to train we feel different. We run on different emotions and body sensations, but they are always in tune. For example, if our dominant feeling is tiredness, then we can’t feel eager to train at the same time. Also, if we are happy and excited because we can’t wait to go to train to try out new technique that we saw, then our body is going to follow our mind and we are going to feel fresh. The dominant sensation always directs the whole being. So if our dominant emotion is happiness or joyfulness then it means that it will influence our whole being. I would say that the best basis for achieving anything is happiness and not stubbornness, work ethic, anxiety, desire to prove oneself or anything else.

Try to remember yourself in two different situations

In the first one you are rolling happy and excited and in the second one you are angry and frustrated. In the first one you don’t care if you win or lose, you just give it your best and you’re not afraid to try out new techniques. In the second one, you can’t wait for training to be finished, you roll all cramped up and you’re burdened with the score. Also when you are happy you see training and rolling as a platform for progress, and when you feel the other way around you see rolling as a fight for life or death.

Most successful fighters in BJJ like Leandro Lo, Buchecha or Terere are usually the ones which enjoy in the art the most. All of us should follow their lead. This means that we should always strive for happiness, or something close to it, like excitement, if we want to have positive results in our BJJ career. Every time we’re not on this track we should remind ourselves why we like BJJ so much, or what positive effects it had on our life or that good feeling after training… Whatever is happening, in the back of your mind you should always know what makes you the best version of yourself, maybe you don’t agree with me, but truth is that it is happiness.

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I know that this sounds a bit unrealistic, because if you feel down (tired, nervous or indisposed) you can’t fake that you are happy and go to train all happy. But you should always know what is best for you and maybe you can change your mood just a little bit. And even if you don’t make it hard training will always put a little smile on your face.

Written by Uros Culic

Here is an example of a great competitive and happy roll between two friends: Fernando Terere and Eduardo Telles:

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