Biggest Youth Tournament, Gymnasium Cup Set to Feature More Than 1000 Competitors

Biggest Youth Tournament, Gymnasium Cup Set to Feature More Than 1000 Competitors



In the past Gymnasium Cup broke through different frontiers. Now they’re at it again! This year more than 1000 participants will be duking it out ages 4 through 17 in Moscow, Russia.

The VIII edition of the Gymnasium Cup will be held in Moscow on May 27th.

Registrations will be open from March 1st at smoothcomp.

This year IBJJF rules will be also applying except for the kids born 2011 and younger who will be showcasing their jiu-jitsu skills without submissions – matches will be decided on points.

Sign up now and seize the opportunity to register with smaller fees – registering prior to May 1st will cost only 30 euros (around 2000 rub). Late day registrations will cost as much as 50 euros if you wait until the 19th of May.

Spectators and Parents are welcome at Gymnasium Cup however they will be paying a small entrance fee.

Categories for the event are:

Year of Birth // Weight in Kgs

1999-2000 – 56,62,69,74,82,+82

2001-2002 – 54,62,69,76,+76

2003-2004 – 33,38,44,52,58,66,+66

2005-2006 – 30,34,38,44,48,54,+54

2007-2008 – 25,28,31,33,36,39,45,+45

2009-2010 – 21,24,27,30,34,+34

2011-2012 – 18,20,22,24,28,+28

In the past IBJJF Rules applied to everyone except kids 2010 and younger, who rolled without submissions. Only points.

Here is the highlight from the biggest kids BJJ tournament in Europe . 4 countries and more than 800 participants . Next Gymnasium Cup VIII will be in Moscow , May 2017 .

Gymnasium Cup will be taking place at Russia Ostrovnaya 7 Moscow  on May 27th! Hurry up and secure your spot by registering over at smoothcomp for the early registration discount!
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