Guy Locks in RNC & Carries His Opponent Around Finally Getting the Tap

Guy Locks in RNC & Carries His Opponent Around Finally Getting the Tap

Have you ever seen something like this?

BJJ purple Dory Aoun belt locks in the rear naked choke on the ground then lifts up his opponent with the RNC locked in, carries him and submits him in a BJJ tournament. This is more of a scenario in a street altercation when somebody has no clue what BJJ is and is facing a BJJ fighter…

He impressed BJJ legendsLucas Leite who commented:

“20 plus year in jiu jitsu and I never see something like that !! @daoun20 beast.”

and Xande Ribeiro:

“Thats the savagiest thing I’ve seen in a while!!!!”

The rear naked choke is a submission that should be learned and mastered early in your BJJ journey.

Being able to take the back of an opponent is one of the most advantageous positions in all of BJJ, so it is crucially important to understand how to correctly apply the rear naked choke and finish your opponent once you have achieved the position.

One advantage of mastering the rear naked choke is that this is a submission that can be easily applied in a self-defense situation. Of course, an armbar and a triangle choke are also valid options if you are ever required to defend yourself, but the rear naked choke is extremely powerful and a great way to stop a person who is bigger and stronger than you.

Most importantly, however, and much like the other submissions noted above, the rear naked choke submission is only viable when you have secured excellent control of your opponent. Without proper control, it is difficult (if not impossible) to actually finish the submission.

You will find that to master the rear naked choke, you will also become superb at controlling your opponent when you have taken their back.