Great Deadlift Variation for BJJ (Easier on Lower Back)

Great Deadlift Variation for BJJ (Easier on Lower Back)

The three main powerlifting exercises that are beneficial for BJJ players are Deadlifts, Benchpress and Squats. It is also advisable to use more specialized exercises like pull ups, presses, rows to strengthen other parts of the body and that are used in a BJJ fight.

Deadlifts and squats strengthen your legs and core, which give you better balance and impact when going for takedowns and throws. Bench press are great for building chess chest, triceps and core sterngth, which you use in BJJ to push opponents away, or control them. When designing your own routine, you should try to design a program that makes you work all your major muscle groups.

Why Deadlifts?

“Deadlifts are arguably the exercise with the biggest ‘Bang For Your Buck’ and translates the best for  jiu-jitsu in terms of functional strength. It radically strengthens your legs (the hamstrings in particular), hips, core, posture and grips. The deadlift covers all the muscles that get worked on in Jiu-Jitsu. This means that you will be able to stuff takedown attempts, have a stronger base while passing guard and able to pressure your opponents with your strong hip pressure.

Mark Philippi, co-owner of Philippi Sports Institute (PSI), has released a professional 9 week peaking program proven to increase strength, power, and speed, ideal for Gi/No Gi Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo. These are 45-minute Workout Sessions. They involve soft tissue mobilization and regenerative exercises designed to prevent injury.

BJJ black belt Nick Chewy Albin likes to use a specific deadlift for BJJ:

I figured it was about time to start doing some weight training for BJJ videos.

In this video I share one of the deadlift variations I really like. It’s the Hex Bar Deadlift sometimes called a Trap Bar Deadlift.

There are a few reasons I like this weight lifting exercises for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu players.

1. It’s a great lift for the whole body!

2. Requires less technical skill than a squat or conventional deadlift. (great for new lifters)

3. Easier on the lower back than a Deadlift or a Squat.

4. Helps facilitate good hip extension which is an area BJJ practitioners lack.

5. It’s also a very natural movement. Many BJJ practitioners suffer from muscular imbalances and have trouble squatting and deadlifting with good form. Because of the natural movement of the Hex Bar Deadlift. It’s a great option in an easier movement pattern.

I’ve personally grown to love this lift. Years ago, I wasn’t really a fan. But as I began to play around with it. I noticed the utility for me as a Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner.

Mainly, I could hit my legs and work my lower body without the fatigue that would often be caused by squats or traditional deadlifts.

I also noticed that these feel much more comfortable and I recover a bit faster from them.

If you’re looking for a good exercise to boost your BJJ. It’s a smart idea to strengthen the lower body. And this is a great exercise to work into the mix.”

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