Grappling Central Podcast Interview Roberto Cyborg Abreu

Grappling Central Podcast Interview Roberto Cyborg Abreu



Latest edition of the best BJJ podcast in the interwebs features a very exciting competitor – Roberto Cyborg Abreu.

Cyborg is a celebrated competitor from the Carlson Gracie lineage whose arguably biggest feat was securing the ADCC 2013 Absolute Championship. In addition to this Cyborg won World Nopgi Championships, Brazilian Nationals, Panamericans and other. He’s usually in the Heavy/Super heavy division.

One interesting tidbit from his biography is that due to a car accident he was in in 2000 he shattered his left arm to the point where the doctors told him he wouldn’t move it again. To this day he still has broken glass in it today. Just 4 months after he came in 2nd at the Brazilian Nationals.


Roberto Abreu talks modest childhood as the offspring of farmers and living in rural parts. In addition to this he was an exchange student sent to Idaho! Cyborg names this one of the best experiences of his life having been exposed to the real American culture and more.

One unexpected tidbit is that Cyborg has not one but 2 degrees – in physical culture and business.

Roberto Cyborg Abreu has some very traditional ideas about the upbringing of kids today ut also enabling them to stand up to bullying. He’s even said some controversial things, he believes bullying is not necessarily the worst thing it allows for children to learn how to stand up for themselves.

He’s another jiu-jiteiro who was bullied. He quotes being repeatedly beaten up and not crying or dwelling about it.

Life will trip you 10 times worse than everything on the mats – Roberto Cyborg Abreu


Besides origin stories Cyborg also shared details regarding his unique learning process. In many ways Cyborg considers himself self-thought. Best way to learn, according to Cyborg is teaching! Teaching forces a different perspective and forces anticipation. Many kids today just swallow what the teacher is saying but don’t grasp the mechanic.

One more topic discussed is the achievement that scared him the most!

To hear his speak about all this and more press play below: