Gracie Method For Making Your Own BJJ Mats

Gracie Method For Making Your Own BJJ Mats

In these times, the cleanliness of a BJJ academy is paramount, and the most important part of a school are the mats where we spend so much time rolling with each other.

Now the question is , what type of mats should you use at your academy?

Should you go the pre-fab route OR do you do it yourself?

Through generations, The Gracies from Helio’s side have always made their own mats. Rener Gracie breaks down all the pros and cons for each method, and then he shows us the Gracie University Headquarters method which is used to minimize cost, eliminate the cracks, and maximize cleanliness.

When it comes to the Gracie Mat Making Process, there are three primary components:

Foam, Vinyl, and Wall Panels.


Best Quality Configuration: Polyethylene Foam (1.5”) under Ensolite Foam (0.5”)
Best Value Configuration and quality: Volara Foam (1 3/8”)

Vinyl Mat Cover

Wall Panels

Each standard wall panel is made out of ½” plywood backing and 1.5” soft foam.