Got Bad Knees from BJJ? Try This Warm Up Routine

Got Bad Knees from BJJ? Try This Warm Up Routine

Guest post by Bulletproof for BJJ.

It’s common to carry an old ankle or knee injury in BJJ. While the injury itself may no longer be an issue, the affected joint often doesn’t feel as smooth as the unaffected one.

It might be feel a little bit stiff, crunchy, or occasionally sore after a hard training… This could be temporary, or long lasting…

Either way it’s common and we all deal with it

My right knee ticks all three boxes since my ACL surgeries, and I have a stiff ankle on that same side from a bad ankle sprain 15 years ago.

One of the best things you can do to warm these areas up before training (BJJ, or a workout) is to get plenty of blood pumping into the area…

Blood nourishes the joints and the tissues. After doing this you’ll notice your affected area feels way less affected

I use this routine before most of my training sessions –


1. Calf raise x 20-30


2. Bodyweight squat x 15-20
Perform 3 rounds

Think of each rep as pumping blood into your legs. You’ll feel them get a pump, which is what we’re looking for.

Once you’re done, get stuck into your warm up 🤙🏼

Notice I change the foot position slightly for each set. This helps stimulate some different aspects of the leg muscles…

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