Gordon Ryan vs. Ruotolo Bros – Potential Match Analysis

Gordon Ryan vs. Ruotolo Bros – Potential Match Analysis

Gordon Ryan is regarded as the best no-gi grappler currently, and his recent performance at the 2022 ADCC World Championship was nothing less than phenomenal. Gordon managed to win his superfight and the +99kg division with four submissions in five matches. On the other hand, the Ruotolo brothers (Tye and Kade) have had quite a lot of success recently, and they are becoming top-tier grapplers. Tye Ruotolo and Gordon Ryan have had an exchange of words over the internet recently, and there is a possibility that we will see this match soon. This article will analyze this potential match-up, and we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of both athletes! Enjoy!


Gordon Ryan’s Keys to Victory


Since his last loss to Vinny Magalhaes in 2018, Gordon Ryan has gone on the most dominant run in no-gi grappling history. He won double gold at ADCC 2019, and he won the superfight and the +99kg division at ADCC 2022. The biggest evolution in Gordon’s game was his transformation from a guard player that favors leglocks into a top-game machine that destroys opponents. Gordon’s top game has become one of his biggest strengths, and he has proven that he can pass guards and finish from a dominant position almost every time. 


Another advantage Gordon will have over Tye is his experience. Although Tye has been competing since he was a kid, Gordon has been on the highest level of grappling for quite some time now. He has faced the best grapplers in the world multiple times, and he emerged victorious against most of them. 


When it comes to the standing game, Gordon has a clear advantage. Gordon is a very technical wrestler, and he can use his weight to move Tye around and fatigue him with collar ties and foot sweeps, similar to the Felipe Pena match. Additionally, he is used to wrestling heavier people in the upper-weight divisions, and wrestling Tye should not be a problem in this potential match-up. If Gordon Ryan can get to his game and get Tye Ruotolo on his back, his pressure will be substantial, and he will emerge victorious.


Could Tye Ruotolo Pull off the Greatest Upset in Grappling History?


The Ruotolo brothers are among the most exciting grapplers today, and are also outstanding athletes. Although Tye Ruotolo is only 19 years old, he has already made his mark on the grappling world and won against many high-level grapplers. From a technical point of view, Tye has a very good top game, and due to his long arms, his Darce choke is something that can always make a difference. Recently, he has also shown improvement in his leglock attacks and can be quite dangerous from those positions as well. 


If Tye were to upset Gordon Ryan, his best chances would be to secure the top position and work from there, eventually going for a Darce and securing the finish. Another thing that can go in Tye’s favor is his pace and aggressiveness. Although he is quite smaller than Gordon, he can put a lot of pressure with his aggressiveness, which is his preferred way to set up submissions. His performance against Garry Tonon showed this, and if he were to do that against Gordon, it would be truly remarkable!

What do you think? Who wins in this potential match-up?

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