Gordon Ryan vs Bear – Who Wins? John Danaher Has A “Shocking” Answer

Gordon Ryan vs Bear – Who Wins? John Danaher Has A “Shocking” Answer

Ok, ok… We know that the headline has perplexed you. But just hear us out: if there was a match between Gordon Ryan and a grizzly bear – who would win?
Or, what about a match between Gordon and a lion?

Believe it or not, these were the same exact questions that Lex Fridman asked John Danaher. And what was Danaher’s answer?
It was truly “shocking”. Here’s what his advice for Gordon would be, prior to the match:

My advice would be really simple. I would say: “Gordon, you’re f*cked. You’re going to die, badly. Choose the lion, because it will strangle you to death rather than pin you down and maul you to death.”

What is he gonna do, a Heel Hook? He can’t do a Double Leg… He’s got four f*cking legs.

Lex asked him what would happen if Gordon had any sort of an advantageous starting position. Such as starting from the back.
And, well, Danaher’s reply was quite simple:

Ooooh yeah, that’s gonna be really useful, right. Against a bear? What good would back control be… He would get torn off, when he [the bear] reaches back with 4-6 inch claws.

Furthermore, Danaher isn’t really convinced that Gordon would do well against other members of the animal kingdom either:

An adult male chimp will destroy Gordon. And a male chimp is more than enough to kill any human being on the planet. Including Gordon Ryan.
[Out of a thousand times] Gordon loses a thousand times. It’s not competitive, it’s not even remotely competitive.