Gordon Ryan Shares His Formula For Dealing For Injuries in BJJ

Gordon Ryan Shares His Formula For Dealing For Injuries in BJJ

Dealing with injuries is something almost all athletes struggle with.

Overcoming injuries to getting back to your original form is another problem a lot of athletes face! Runners for example can suffer from broken ankles and never run the same again!

Most people will let fatigue, exhaustion, and or being out of shape take them out before they ever deal with any kind of real pain caused by a minor or serious injury. Chronic pain from a bad lower back, jacked up fingers, bad knees, bad ankles, or things liked bruised ribs can set you back. But you will see most people opt out of training way before this, or most will play up an injury to make seem a 1000x’s worse then it really is.

There is a different kind of “pain” associated with training hard. It is the simultaneous physical and mental fatigue associated with hard training. The soreness, the lack of oxygen, the build of lactic acid, it all sucks, but that’s how it needs to be. When training hard, the “pain” should be immense, you should seek it out, when you find it, stay there, let it grow on you, you should live there, if you don’t want to let go, it ain’t worth a shit, it’s not doing you any good. All the fatigue, all the soreness, all the oxygen you can’t suck in when some one is on top of you, those moments when you want to quit, when your grips and thighs are burning, that is when you are progressing (outside of solid drilling), so don’t stop.

In this video, 3x ADCC world champion Gordon Ryan shares his formula for dealing with injuries in BJJ.

Gordon Ryan injured his knee — ruptured his LCL and strained his biceps femoris tendon — in his match against Joao Gabriel Rocha during the KASAI Super Series in February 2019. Ryan won the match, but reported hearing 5 or 6 pops in his knee while entering the saddle. He was able to recover in time for the 2019 ADCC worlds in October where he won gold in his weight class and open weight.

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