Gordon Ryan Replaces Braulio Estima Against Lo, More ADCC North America Results

Gordon Ryan Replaces Braulio Estima Against Lo, More ADCC North America Results



Another great ADCC event is behind us. The North American trials had much hype to them thanks to the excellent lineup of superfights in addition to the exciting opportunity to qualify for the ADCC.


Guys i have no words to describe all this. After a very complicated camp with several injuries back to back within 2 months (15 stocked on my left eye, right shoulder , left shoulder , right knee , neck and tô finalize on the warm up for my fight I just ripped my hamstring. I’m so sorry. I was really looking forwards to fighting today and next week. I can only apologise for letting my fans down. I feel the worst ever felt. I feel cursed. I hope it’s gone. ?? Pessoal, não tenho palavras para descrever tudo isso. Depois de um camp muito complicado com várias lesões de volta para trás dentro de 2 meses (15 pontos no meu olho esquerdo, ombro direito, ombro esquerdo, joelho direito, pescoço e finalizar no aquecimento para a minha luta eu rasguei meu tendão da coxa. Me desculpe, eu estava realmente ansioso para lutar hoje e na proxima semana Eu só posso pedir desculpas por deixar meus fãs na mão. Eu sinto o pior que já senti na minha carreira. Parece ateh maldição. Espero que tenha desaparecido. Sem palavras.

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Braulio Estima suffered from an injury warming up backstage so promoters went looking for replacements. Sure enough Gordon Ryan stepped up to the plate and accepted to fill in for Estima. Ryan was there supporting his younger brother Nicky and other teammates. In a great match Lo managed to win with two well executed takedowns. Notably Lo was quite cautious about getting into leg lock situations against the young heel hook specialist.

Ryan wrote about the experience:

“Stepped up to compete against Leandro lo on 10 minutes notice. 1st I wanna say thank you to Leandro for accepting this match. He didn’t have to do that but he did. Secondly I wanted to say this was a great learning experience. I had some confusing during the match as far as the negatives points go. At one point I thought I was down 2-0 and he had a negative. But in fact he 4 negatives for disengagement which had me up on points. Had I know id have played a little different. But ultimately I should have submitted him to avoid all of this. Sorry I couldn’t get the finish guys :(. Ended up losing on points. Also congrats to @ethancrelinsten on his trials gold winning him a trip to finland in september. Also huge props to the rest of the squad today who competed. And of course huge thanks to @mojassim80 for choosing me to compete when Braulio got hurt. And thanks to @adcc_northamerica for always running a fantastic event. See you all in Finland”

Full results:

Super Fights
Buchecha Defeats Rafael Lovato Jr. 4-0
Leandro Lo Defeats Gordon Ryan 4-0
Cyborg Defeats Defeats Vinny Magalhaes 3-0
Bruno Frazatto Defeats Geo Martinez 5-0

99+ kg

  1. Casey Hellenberg
  2. Jesseray Children
  3. Travis Clark


  1. Paul Ardila
  2. Nick Schlock
  3. Colin Hart


  1. John Salter (pulled off a victory against DJ thanks to -1 negative point for guard pull) (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)
  2. DJ Jackson
  3. Josh Hinger


  1. Vagner Rocha (Fight Sports)
  2. AJ Agazarm
  3. Jon Satava


  1. Ethan Crelinsten   (Tristar)
  2. Ricky Lulu
  3. Nicky Ryan


Women +66 kg

  1. Tara White (Carlson Gracie)
  2. Kendall Reusing
  3. Michelle Dunchus

Women 60 kg

  1. Elisabeth Clay  (Legacy)
  2. Nicole Sullivan
  3. Heather Raftery