Gordon Ryan On Why He Lost All Respect For Keenan Cornelius

Gordon Ryan On Why He Lost All Respect For Keenan Cornelius

Gordon Ryan has pubicly expressed his thoughts on Keenan Cornelius. According to Gordon, Keenan’s recent actions have dissapointed him.

Gordon explained how Team Renzo Gracie welcomed Keenan to train at their academy in preparation for ADCC after Keenan had been kicked out of Atos.

Keenan Cornelius Reveals Issues With Galvao Leading To Him Being Kicked Out Of Atos

Here is a summary to what Gordon is saying:

– Keenan tried to get Team Renzo Gracie kicked out of ADCC because of the ‘pink eye’ virus that went around.
– There is a reason why Keenan gets kicked out or leaves various team.
– Keenan talks sh*t, all the time, and backstabbed Gordon and his team.
– He started teaching the techniques he learned from Team Renzo Gracie and charged money for it.

In the past, Keenan has made various controversial statements that have provoked many reactions from the BJJ community:

Keenan Cornelius On Helio & Rickson Gracie: ‘Their Level Was Probably Tough Purple Belt’


Renzo Gracie on Keenan Cornelius Disrespecting Rickson: ‘You Just Got Submitted by a Triangle’

You can hear the whole statement below:

Via @gordonlovesjiujitsu Instagram

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