Gordon Ryan: ‘Nicky Rod Was Greasing. He Was So Slippery’

Gordon Ryan: ‘Nicky Rod Was Greasing. He Was So Slippery’

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3 was held last night and the main event of Gordon Ryan vs. Nick Rodriguez did not dissapoint.

The initial opponent for Ryan was supposed to be Vinny Magalhaes, but the Brazilian was not able to cut 40 lbs on time, so the UFC found a last minute replacement in Ryan’s former team mate Rodriguez. The two faced each other a few months ago, at ADCC with Ryan easily winning by submission.

This match was different. Right off the bat, Ryan pulled guard and was working from the bottom. Rodriguez was trying to pass but also defensive. The two pretty much cancelled each other out. At the end, since the fight was in EBI rules, the two opted for back control but nothing significant happened although Ryan had the fastest escape.

The decision win was given to Ryan who did just enough to win.

In the post fight press conference, Ryan was explaining how hard it was for him to get a hold of Rodriguez. From 3min 03:

“The moment he started sweating, he definitely was lotioned and the lotion came out. I couldn’t get a hold of him. He was so slippery.”

Ryan also said that Rodriguez was stalling.

“His head was down and hips were back and low and he was not doing anything so I already knew that it was gonna be a long match.

Ryan said his ankle popped when Rodriguez ripped a toe hold on him.

“My ankle popped when he attacked a toe hold. It’s no big deal, I’ll be ok in two days.”

Check out the highlights below:

In the Co-main event, ADCC champ Bia Mesquita won by armbar over Miesha Tate: