Gordon Ryan Challenges Marcelo Garcia Dream Team

Gordon Ryan Challenges Marcelo Garcia Dream Team



It hasn’t even been a whole day between Gordon Ryan announcing he has his dream opponents before issuing an official challenge. Young member of the Danaher squad certainly likes to keep busy so he announced he sees himself facing Dillon Danis, Mansher Khera and Matheus Diniz. Oh and you heard it right, he wants to go up against all of them. Here’s the initially issued challenge:

One commenter suggested Mr Ryan fight the double gold from World Masters – Rafael Lovato Jr but Grappling Industries honcho was quick to shut it down with an informative:

“He’s busy till 2nd quarter of 2017. We tried.”

Dillon Danis straight from his MMA coaching fame jumped in and proposed the following:


For a while there it seemed like the Dream Team wasn’t on board with the challenge but many esteemed members of the community seemed excited:



Some questions did arise in the way Gordon Ryan picked his chosen ones:


Mansher Khera‘s initial response was humorous:

but then he went with quite rational and measured:


And we must admit, we’d all be excited to see these two teams face off. But from there the money got sweeter as the investors realized there was true potential there:



Danis vs Tonon certainly seems within the realm of possibility:



Eddie Cummings opted not to weigh in, but he did caption this couple days earlier:




All signs point toward this team challenge being in the works…