Gordon Ryan Buys His Dad A Car & Plans To Buy His Mom a House From The Money He’s Made From Jiu-Jitsu

Gordon Ryan Buys His Dad A Car & Plans To Buy His Mom a House From The Money He’s Made From Jiu-Jitsu

Gordon Ryan, the biggest current star in Grappling has had an amazing run in the past few years. The 24 year old has won everything there is to win in No Gi grappling: 3x ADCC world champion, EBI champ, black belt 2x gold at IBJJF No Gi Pans and Worlds, and this year double gold at ADCC, and defeating a who’s who list of BJJ legends in superfights (Palhares, Gonzaga, Oleynik etc…) This had never been done before.

There have been rumors that he would transition to MMA, just like his teammate Garry Tonon.

As a result of his numerous accomplishments, Ryan has been able to make a very good living from winning pro grappling competitions with prize money, sales from his BJJ fanatics instructionals, sponsorships, instagram (245K followers), seminars and privates.

Gordon is probably the highest paid pro athlete in BJJ and he doesn’t even have his own BJJ academy yet.

At age 24, Ryan has won everything there is to win in No Gi grappling so what is next ?

Earlier this year, Ryan bought himself a million dollar house in New Jersey, for himself, his girfriend Nathalie Santoro and for his father.

24 yr Old Gordon Ryan Buys Himself a Million Dollar House As a Result Of His Grappling Success

Now Ryan, has given back and bought his dad a brand new Cadillac CtSv. He also plans to buy his mom a house in Florida later this year:


“I bought big G a V. This is one of the most surreal moments in my life. All my life both my parents did the best they could to give me what they could. Theres nothing i appreciate more than loyalty. There arent many people who would kill for you, die for you, and do absolutely anything for you. Just because theyre your parents guarentees nothing. i watched my grandparents steal everything from my dad. His whole lifes work was taken by his mom. Both my mom and dad would do anything i ask at a drop of a dime. They deserve the world. Later this year im buying my mom a house in florida and today i just got this CtsV for @big_gordd. All his life he was a car guy (as am i). Some of the best memories i have is being a small kid in his white corvette (86 white with a black drop top and greenwood body kit. custom interior, chip, exhaust, intake,makes like 300hp,official pace car… just for the car fans out there) with the top down listening to old rock and roll on the way to the beach. Both with sunglasses on and hair in the wind. This is something ive wanted to do since i was very young. ive wanted to give those who are supportive everything. if you were with me from the beginning and are still with me now,youre in my circle. And as the sea rises,so do alll ships.”

You can see the touching moment here:


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