Gordon Ryan Believes “20 Years Of Bouncing” Is a Better Proof of John Danaher Concept than Competing

Gordon Ryan Believes “20 Years Of Bouncing” Is a Better Proof of John Danaher Concept than Competing

Bouncing is a rite of passage for many males with jiu jitsu experience. Still it’s somewhat shocking to hear Gordon Ryan put it in these exact terms:

Danaher himself also mentioned starting at age 28 with a lot of existing physical problems. From there John Danaher quickly met Matt Serra and soon enough he was helping Matt Serra prepare for fights. This is of course after he got to know the gentle art in a Columbia university locked office:

During Danaher’s tenure as a professor of philosophy at Columbia he was also moonlighting as a bouncer. Sure enough one of his friends was quick to suggest bjj to Danaher! All of this happened back in 1993.

Naturally John Danaher who vastly outweighed his friend offered a friendly sparring match. The doors of his Columbia office were locked and the fight was on!

“I was dismissive, brazilian wrestling…. ” Danaher continues “So I lock the door and immediately put him in a headlock and throw him on the ground. So, I now have this tiny guy who has been doing jiu-jitsu for 2 weeks in a headlock on the ground and I’m trying to pull his head off and normally this used to work very well for me in bar fights. “

Much to Danaher’s horror the fellow started wrapping his legs behind his legs and squirming towards his back.

“I was a big guy so I just squeezed my biceps… Minutes went by when finally my arms started getting really tired. Suddenly dawned on me I wasn’t beating him, I wasn’t getting beaten either but a skinny guy who has only been training for 2 weeks.. I was intrigued”

But all that aside – 20 years of “beating people up bouncing” still sounds odd as far as proving actual sport jiu jitsu skill…

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