Gilbert Durinho Burns: My Jiu-Jitsu Is Better

Gilbert Durinho Burns: My Jiu-Jitsu Is Better



Durinho is leaving all the Polaris talk behind ahead of his match at UFC Brasilia that will take place this Saturday (24th September).

Gilbert Burns Durinho is set to fight Michel Trator. Michel Trator Prazeres has an impressive fighting record. He’s 20-2-0 in MMA. 8 of those 20 victories came by way of submission and staggering 11 came by way of decision.

They will be fighting at lightweight (70kg/155 lbs) which makes it all the more surprising Durinho refused to grapple with Garry Tonon at 170.

Amid Tonon accusations Gilbert chose to have his brother duel verbally with Tonon and focused all his attention to the upcoming battle.

Gilbert Durinho Burns told Tatame that he’s adamant to fix his mistakes first:

 I always try to improve. I think I’m evolving, although I think they have points that I need to improve in my game. Whenever I come back from a fight, I try to do the ‘abc’ again … Walk angle change and work technique, especially the part of boxing and kick. It also has Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, do a lot of little school, repetition. Whenever return of a duel, I try to perfect and improve the whole technique in all aspects. In every struggle we make mistakes and successes, but regardless of the struggle, we have to go back and improve. So once the camp is over, I kept training and fix all the little mistakes. Even with the win, we always make mistakes, so I tried to work my failures.


As far as work ethic goes, Burns is adamant it’s all work:

We have been working in a very serious way. We’re now shooting enough training, correcting the technical and training very hard, has no secret formula for success. I devote the most every day, in every way and fight. I want to fight, get more experience inside the Octagon. I am a well trained guy, practical training sessions with high-level guys, but I have a few fights. So I want to fight hard, I want to evolve and fight with more experienced guys than me. I have been well motivated, want to topple this victory to climb this category, which is one of the hardest, so I’m going to give my best.

And as far as MMA goes Burns wants to hit the Octagon at least once more before the year’s end:

I want to fight again until the end of the year in December, perhaps. My plan is to win this fight, the next, and enter the Top 15 category. I want to make one more fight and face a tough guy name. I would like to face Jim Miller, Michael Chiesa and Gilbert Melendez. But I would even face Jim Miller, who is a man I see myself struggling. A Jiu-Jitsu fighter, a good athlete, I wanted to fight.