Gi Review: Dokebi White Metal Gi

Gi Review: Dokebi White Metal Gi

Dokebi white metal Gi review – by Mike Mella

Dokebi is a European/Korean Gi company. They are the preferred rash guard manufacturer of John Danaher, where he wore the Dokebi Jungle rash guard during his episode on the Joe Rogan podcast:


I was contacted by the owners of Dokebi, and they sent me a gi to try out.

At a first glance: the Dokebi white metal Gi gives the impression of simplicity, no excessive
patches or colored seems and without the inside illustrations that have been so widely popular on
the market lately.

At first touch: one of first things I noticed when I picked it up the Gi was the quality of the bag
and its light weight where the jacket comes in at only a mere 450 grams! The second thing I
noticed when trying it on was the fitting comfort and the sensation of high quality material.

Design:The Gi is completely white which matches exceptionally well with the discreetly visible
creamy grey reinforced decorations on the pant cord, inner linings and shoulders where
reinforcements are commonly necessary. In comparison to other Gi’s that I am using, I found this
Gi to have an interesting feature of a somewhat wider sleeve, giving me an added incentive to go for
an effective Ezekiel choke.

• 450gsm light pearl weave jacket made of high quality cotton
• 11oz ripstop pants with stretchy Cord Drawstring ; 4 Loop System
• Preshrunk & washed
• Clean embroidered logos
• High quality drawstring bag included
• Designed in the E.U.

Size & durability: I use an A3 size and it fitted me well. Another great feature is that the Gi comes
pre washed, a pleasant surprise since it remains the same even after several washes in 40
degrees celsius. As for durability, the Gi is completely reinforced in all the necessary
places and since I have only rolled in it intensively for about ten days, I can only say that
for now everything seems to be holding in place.

Price: The price comes at 120 Euros with an additional 10,50 Euros for shipping which is below
prices compared to other high end of Gi’s on the market. You can buy the Gi HERE.

Conclusion: People have different tastes and personalities, some people like the more flashy Gi’s
while others prefer a more visually low key approach. In my opinion, the Dokebi white
metal Gi with its elegant comfortable design, white embroidery and discreet colored
elements of contrast is as elegant as it gets and yet another proof that gracefulness can
be found in simplicity