Get Unfriended By Using The ‘Disrespectful Triangle’ From Ryan Hall

Get Unfriended By Using The ‘Disrespectful Triangle’ From Ryan Hall

The… What? Yes – The Disrespectful triangle aka the Cryangle!
Yes, this position does feel as disrespectful as it sounds, and you can use it both as a choke in and of itself, as well as a setup for other submissions. You can, that is, if you want to make your opponents miserable.

What makes it so effective, and how can YOU use it? Let’s dive right into it!

THE 50/50 Disrespectful aka CRYANGLE

Yes, you can set up a Cryangle from the 50/50 position as well! Ryan Hall demonstrates getting a Cryangle to kimura to heel hook from it:

Here is an another set up from Kent Peters of Zombieproof BJJ:

But, how does the setup look like? Kent shows it from a failed heel hook attempt, when your opponent defends by grabbing your head:

1) Place your hand on their chest; you’ll be using it to push them away.

2) Grab your top leg’s foot with your other hand. Grab it at the toes, so that you can point it towards the floor – this will make it easier for you to pull the foot out.

3) Push your opponent’s chest in order to create space and pull through with your leg.

4) Kick the leg over their shoulder and grab their head, so that you can pull it down.

5) Grab your shin and lock in the Cryangle.

6) How do you want to finish them from here – do you want an armbar? A kneebar? Perhaps a heel hook? Or, maybe the Cryangle Choke itself? The choice is yours.

Here it is again with even more detail:

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