Georges St-Pierre on How Intermittent Fasting & Fasting For 3 Days Straight Saved His Life

Georges St-Pierre on How Intermittent Fasting & Fasting For 3 Days Straight Saved His Life

Intermittent Fasting has been a hot topic in grappling for quite some time. Intermittent Fasting is the process of cycling periods in which you eat with periods that you
don’t eat. These short fasting windows cause your body to produce a multitude of hormonal responses – responses that you can use to boost your grappling performance.
Here’s a really good scientific explanation of how it works:

Tom DeBlass:

People “What is the easiest way for me to lose weight?”
Me “stop eating bread and pasta and drink a gallon of water a day”
People “But I love bread and pasta and a gallon seems like so much!”
Me “ok stay fat and don’t waste my time.”

DeBlass also revealed his beliefs about the practice including what he believes are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to weight:

“It’s gonna be hard to be the best you can be physically so everything ties in. I think the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight honestly is trying to do too much too soon. It’s not easy. Life gets in the way. It’s not easy if we try to do too much too soon so the first thing I always recommend to people is start drinking close to a gallon of water per day.”

Now Georges St Pierre is revealing how Intermittent fasting saved his life :

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