Geo Martinez Is Looking For a Cannabis Sponsor For Next EBI Tournament

Geo Martinez Is Looking For a Cannabis Sponsor For Next EBI Tournament



Over the years there’s been much discussion when it comes to getting a sponsor.

Advice On How To Find Sponsors And Be A BJJ “Pro”

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Still the blossoming of the competitive scene has allowed for some very interesting ideas about sponsoring as evidenced by 10th planet’s Geo Martinez:


10th planet has been friendly to the industry for years – with Bravo even going as far as to say:

“[Jiu-Jitsu] taught me you can do high-level athletics stoned,” he says. And Bravo did, in fact, love it. “Now, when I roll, not doing it high is like going to a concert not high. Imagine that.”

Bravo’s understanding of the plant and his abilities changed over time. “I am able to function and let that executive function that ties your shoes like it’s a magic trick do what it does,” he says. “When you’re high, you rely more on your instincts and your body takes over and you can doing amazing things. You don’t think about it, you just do it—like shredding on guitar. You can’t think about anything while you play. You practice those notes and after awhile your hands do their magic.”

Through the years BJJ has had a very positive attitude to the cannabis community as evidenced by many lucrative sponsorships of Nick Diaz and even an endorsement from Hyperfly CEO Pascal Parker:

How CBD Saved The Life Of Hyperfly CEO Pascal Pakter