Garry Tonon’s MMA Opponent Rahul Raju “very happy with his purple belt” & “trained leglocks for 2 months”

Garry Tonon’s MMA Opponent Rahul Raju “very happy with his purple belt” & “trained leglocks for 2 months”

Garry Tonon’s mma career has been steadily on the rise since he made a debut against Richard Corminal this past year. In addition to the Corminal match up Tonon also faced Rahul Raju – and came under heavy fire for not being able to finish him with a leglock – Danaher explained:

“Mr Tonon attacked the legs hard in submission exchanges looking to cause enough damage to prevent him sitting on his heavy punches. As the damage to the legs accrued the takedowns came easier and then Mr Tonon switched to back attack system to get the break through.”


But still that wasn’t enough for some.  Now Raju is talking about his prep for the match and bjj ranking. He told sportskaeda:

First off, congratulations on becoming a Purple belt in BJJ. How long did it take for you to become so good?

Thanks a lot. I was never a pure BJJ guy. I trained in BJJ just to use it in MMA. So my game was mostly to stay on top and get the submission from there. After four years of training, I started coaching jiu-jitsu in Juggernaut Fight Club, Singapore. It was only then I started focusing on the detailed techniques and being comfortable everywhere.

You shook the world with your leg lock defense against Garry Tonon. How did you manage to successfully stalemate the “Lion Killer’s” advanced Jiu-Jitsu?

I trained purely for leglocks almost two months ahead of the fight. During the camp, I was focussing on each detail and that helped me get a better idea of how to escape from every possible position. Well, that fight gave me confidence in my overall game. It was the worst matchup that I could get. I am sure in my upcoming fights the world will see the best version of Rahul.



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