Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan Go On Laranja podcast Talking How Gordon Manhandled Ralek & Trolled His Dad in Process

Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan Go On Laranja podcast Talking How Gordon Manhandled Ralek & Trolled His Dad in Process

Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan have never been too timid to insert themselves into controversy. The duo of Danaher students never shied away from controversy including duelling Ralek each separately.

For those who might not remember Tonon even went so far as to claim he would tattoo Ralek’s name on his behind if he lost – in spite of noticeable size difference.

Tonon: If I Lose To Ralek I’ll Get G In A Gi Tattooed On My Butt!

While Gordon called the exact way and timeline he would use to submit the Gracie family black sheep – Ralek.

Here’s how the dynamic tandem told an anecdote of Gordon manhandling Ralek – and unbeknownst to Gordon’s father letting him skate around until the designated time period.

Gordon: I was supposed to submit Ralek between 10 and 12 minutes.

Garry: He specifically said I’m gonna submit him between 10 and 12 minutes but big Gord had no idea…

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Garry: So he’s looking at it like it’s a regular match. Like a regular sub only. So Gordon’s got Ralek in like bad positions from minute – not even minute one it’s like 30 seconds in he has his back. So big Gord’s like “FINISH HIM” but he gets confused because it happens like 6 times …

Gordon: And keep in mind we’re .. in Gracie academy headquarters  so it’s completely quiet we’re surrounded by all the Gracies and my dad is just screaming at the top of his lungs

Garry: Gordon has Ralek in all these bad positions like places that even big Gord in his limited knowledge of jiu jitsu – he understands that’s like the end of the fight. He knows it’s the end but like Gordon just prolonged it cause he knows he’s gonna get paid. He knows he’s gonna get paid to submit him in this particular time period… You had someone that was gonna pay you extra money for 10 to 12 minutes right? But big Gord is just like.. at a certain point at 5 or 6 minutes he’s just like .. He starts to get flustered because he’s just like he doesn’t understand what

(Video) Gordon Ryan Submits Ralek Gracie at Metamoris

 Gordon Ryan (imitating dad voice): What is wrong with you Gord, Why do you keep letting him out?

Garry: Finish him! COME ON!! .. (regular voice) He’s holding his head, he’s sweating.
Laranja: If people ho back to it can they hear that sh*t?
Both: Oh, for sure


They also shared about their experience with cauliflower ears:

You can listen to the entire podcast episode here.