Game Of Rolls: 1st Jiu-Jitsu Themed Card Game

Game Of Rolls: 1st  Jiu-Jitsu Themed Card Game



Game of Rolls is a bjj based card game! It’s both fun to play and useful as it can serve as a kind of a learning aid.


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The main focus is getting comfortable outside of your own comfort zone – much like in actual jiu-jitsu session.


The game seeks to inspire you to explore different positions and try your hand at various maneuvers you might otherwise avoid!


The Game of Rolls deck has 2 types of cards, the position cards – goal to be accomplished later in rolling and wildcards that represent the unconventional aspects of the game. Now the typical card denominations can be ignored in this type of play, they’re there just so you could also play traditional card games with your friends.

The cards are well designed, water resistant and cater to the audience.



Round duration is a time window you agree upon with your playing mate! Wildcards serve as a kind of a handicap and are disclosed to the opponent prior to round start.

If you’re unclear as to how exactly the game play works this simple instructional might clear things up for you.



Are you excited to try your hand at the first Jiu-Jitsu Card game ever? Head on Over to Game of Rolls and get your deck!