Gabi Garcia Returning To BJJ Scene Full time: Pans, Worlds, ADCC & more planned

Gabi Garcia Returning To BJJ Scene Full time: Pans, Worlds, ADCC & more planned

Gabi Garcia is looking to raise hell on the female bjj scene once again. Several years after dedicating herself to mma Garcia noticed all the traction and financial incentives of the grappling scene. This lead her to dedicate herself to both gi and nogi once again:

Gabi told tatame.br:

“I signed up for Pan on the last day of the race, before going to practice. I asked Fábio (Gurgel) and (Rubens Charles) Cobrinha what they thought of me fighting, and in fact, it is difficult to reconcile Jiu-Jitsu with MMA, so much so that when I joined MMA, I did not fight anymore Jiu Jitsu. Only my next MMA fight will not be in the next six weeks, so I can fight the Pan. When I joined MMA, everyone knew that the ADCC is a tournament I always ask to fight, it’s very important for me and It has an emotional issue because of my brother’s loss. But I’ve been away from kimono competitions for a while, and in that time, a strong generation has arrived, the girls are very good and I want to test myself as an athlete, “



“I am confirmed for Pan, 90% confirmed for the World Cup, confirmed at the ADCC and I want to congratulate CBJJ for giving money prizes now to the champions in the black and white belt, which was what they asked for. If all is well, I would also like to fight the Brazilian. I hope that my fans, regardless of my result, that I know will be positive, take this back to me on the mat and cheer for me. I hope to make good fights and Gabi is back in the same pressure, with more will to win (laughs). It was good to stay away from this time to create that desire to get a lapel (laughs) “



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