Full Day Of Eating For a Full Time BJJ Athlete

Full Day Of Eating For a Full Time BJJ Athlete
For grapplers that are looking to shred, lose fat, and just basically build a lean, muscular, aesthetic physique, you’ll no doubt already be well aware of just how much hard work, motivation, and dedication it actually takes for you to get in any type of decent shape in the slightest.

If you decide to really take your grappling conditioning to the next level, however, then just basic “clean eating” and regular training won’t be enough, as truthfully, most people’s idea of clean eating involves “diet” sodas and frozen ready meals.

The foods and nutrients that we put into our bodies will show on the outside and so if you’re looking to build the body you’ve always envisioned, take a look at this basic full day of eating of BJJ athlete Kieren Lefevre’s nutrition plan guide which will have you piling on the muscle and shredding away the body fat like never before.

– Morning Snack
– Lunch
– Afternoon Snack
– Dinner and Dessert

The approximate calories he’s on is 3500-4000kcal as he’s in a “bulking” phase to go up a weight class.

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