Former UFC Champion & BTT Founder Murilo Bustamante Awarded BJJ Coral Belt

Former UFC Champion & BTT Founder Murilo Bustamante Awarded BJJ Coral Belt

In jiu jitsu getting to the ultimate stages beyond black belt is reserved just for the truly dedicated. This is why one of the most prominent figures representing bjj in the earliy days of mma Murilo Bustamante has been awarded his coral belt.


Coral Belt is a 7th Degree belt (red and black) awarded to Jiu Jitsu practitioners for being active for more than 30 years as a black belts.

Bustamente told tatame.br:

“After a life dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu, where I had the opportunity and honor to literally defend the sport in combat against other disciplines, I am extremely flattered to receive the choral band this year. Jiu-Jitsu has a number of benefits that have changed my life and helped shape my character, making me a better person. I strongly recommend that all parents look for a serious Jiu-Jitsu school and enroll their children. Sport helps children learn discipline, respect, generosity, socialization, self-esteem and self-respect, among many other benefits. I was an insecure kid when I started training and what Jiu-Jitsu did for me can do for other kids too, “said Bustamante.

The diploma has already been delivered by the IBJJF, but Murilo will only use the new track in August, when he will hold a special ceremony at BTT headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

“I am very proud to have received my seventh grade, but I will only put the belt on the waist at the ceremony on August 4. A moment as special as this, deserves a celebration with all the people who were part of my story. All my friends are invited. It will be a great celebration to celebrate this great sport that definitely changed my life for the better, “he concluded.

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